A Day in the Life of an Intern: Steven Russell

November 28, 2022

Meet our newest intern  – Steven Russell. Steven currently studies Finance at Providence College in America and will be interning with us until December of this year. We asked him a bit more about how he landed the internship, what his career goals are for after he graduates, his hobbies outside of work and much more…


What was your background prior to interning at Bluebox?

I’m from Long Island, New York and currently attend Providence College as a Finance major. I graduated from a very small public high school in 2020, where I played basketball and participated in the drama club.


Why did you choose to study at Providence College, and how did you land this internship?

Growing up I spent a lot of time in the New England area where Providence College is located, and always wanted to attend school there. The location and campus were major draws, as well as the sports culture that the school has. When I visited Providence after being accepted, I knew it would ultimately be the right fit for me.

After submitting a resume and answering a few questions, I landed this internship through my study abroad program. Joe Dwyer from Arcadia connected me with Tracy, and after my interview I was granted the official offer to join Bluebox as an intern.


What attracted you to apply for an internship in the UK rather than back in New York?

An internship in the UK was attractive to me because I thought it would be a great way to get the most out of my study abroad experience in London. Learning how businesses function in the UK compared to the US was very enticing, as I felt this would help me build a diverse background for when I eventually start applying for jobs after college.


What professional skills do you bring to the team?

Above all, I believe that I bring a strong work ethic and willingness to learn to the team. I do not like to sit idly by, and I try to ensure that I am always looking to help the guys in any way that I can.


What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

My typical day actually varies quite a bit, as the work I do is grounded in what might be needed by any of the guys on a given day. So far I have done work on potential purchaser lists, market research, contact lists, and compilation of relevant past deals. I have also produced a few slides for the IMs.


What are your career goals after you graduate?

While at this moment I am not exactly sure what career path I would like to take, my ultimate goals are to work in a job where I will be able to have a work-life balance, and to work my way into a leadership position. While making money is a goal of anyone about to undertake a career, I am primarily concerned with finding the right fit for my skills and interests.


If your friends were asked to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

Funny, Hardworking, Compassionate


What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, my main hobby is weightlifting. Though right now I am recovering from a shoulder surgery, I might consider competing in bodybuilding in my 20s if I have the opportunity to do so. I am also an avid sports fan, specifically American football and basketball. Playing these sports recreationally with my friends is another hobby, and I played basketball competitively throughout my life until college.


Rapid fire:

  1. If you could meet anyone past or present, who would you choose? Jesus
  2. Dream holiday destination? Australia
  3. Favourite sport? Basketball
  4. Any hidden talents? Singing
  5. Life motto? Trust the Process
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