Honesty and Trust

You have the right, as a client of Bluebox, to receive honest, frank and direct advice irrespective of whether it is ‘what you want to hear’.

Bluebox has honesty and trust as two of its core values and we commit to you that we will always strive to provide you with honest, frank advice. We will tell you whether we believe your expectations are realistic before we engage with you on any paid piece of work.


The Blue Diamond Programme

Over 90% of business owners who try to sell their business fail! This is an alarming statistic and one that should be a real cause of concern for business owners contemplating a sale in the coming years.

Bluebox focuses on, and has invested heavily in understanding exactly why so many business sale processes fail. As a result of this, we have developed a unique, structured, market-leading programme, Blue Diamond, that addresses these issues. Not only does it mitigate the risks of a failed exercise, but it also can have a dramatic impact on the valuation achieved. Preparation is critical and that is where Bluebox focus its attention.

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Access To Buyers

Bluebox prides itself on exceptional access to both domestic and international buyers. When surveying our clients last year, an adviser’s ‘buyer access’ was identified as one of the critical success factors for a sale exercise.

With direct access to over 8,000 buyers, using a ‘non-tied’ network of international partners and accessing world-class research capabilities, Bluebox prides itself on buyer identification. A significant majority of the deals we have completed are with overseas buyers.


One Stop Shop

Business owners are often confused as to which advisers they need to consult at which point in their business life-cycle.

At Bluebox, we aim to offer a ‘one stop shop’ where we navigate, on your behalf, all of the twists and turns of a corporate sale or fund raising exercise. Our aim is to be with you every step of the way and guide you, skilfully, to a successful end result.

Yes there is often the need for legal input, but we can provide advice as to how and when that is best taken.


Senior Attention

Selling a business or ‘preparing for sale’ is one of the most important and life changing experiences that a business owner can go through. Clients do not want to be passed down to a ‘junior’ member of the team to dispense critical advice.

Quite rightly, clients expect that advice is dispensed by a senior team member who has the requisite skills and experience to do just that. Bluebox assigns a Senior team member to every one of our clients and operates a rapid response policy if any of our clients are dissatisfied at any point in time.


Track Record

The team at Bluebox has an enviable track record of working with private companies in the run up to, and at the point of sale. Our team has advised over 100 business owners on their exits and have sold businesses with a combined value of over £800m.

Bluebox recognises the importance of using a professional team that has ‘been there before’. We actively encourage prospective clients to take references on us. We would like you to hear from others how we have been to work with.


Sector Expertise

With over 100 completed deals behind them, the team at Bluebox has worked with businesses in a wide range of sectors. We do not promote Bluebox with a sector focus. Having a sector focused adviser can have drawbacks, not least the conflicts of interest that tend to arise when an adviser forms an overly ‘close’ relationship with key buyers in a particular sector.

Instead, we encourage clients to explore our experience in a broad range of markets such TMT, industrials, business services, consumer, healthcare and chemicals, and explain to you exactly the experience that we have.



Recent surveys suggest that the most common cause for a complaint against professional service advisers is a lack of responsiveness. Bluebox focus on ‘promptitude of response’.  This is at the heart of all of our training and people development. We appreciate that a client has placed trust in us by appointing us to handle their important business and we will therefore, in turn, repay that trust through unwavering and prompt customer service.

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