Bluebox Corporate Finance recognises the importance of relevant, practical and business-focused education for our team and for the far wider community in which both we and our clients operate.

It is our mission is to provide world-class business focused education to both individuals and corporates from a range of backgrounds. We provide a broad offering which starts with education delivery to those who are still at school and extends to those who may be contemplating a career in business or to those still in higher education contemplating their next step after University. From there we aim to provide support and education to our own staff, our clients and even established businesspeople who may be looking to fine-tune some of their corporate skills or enhance their knowledge in specific areas.

We deliver education in a number of ways including lecturing at world-leading business schools, organising and providing content for both internal and external workshops for the existing Bluebox team or running focused courses and specific topic training for aspiring young graduates and our interns. We aim to make a difference and it is a core part of our business.

A handful of initiatives from the Bluebox are set out below, along with details of ‘what courses contain’ and how you can access them. If there are any questions whatsoever regarding the Academy, please direct them at our COO, Tracy Kingsnorth, who is contactable on +44 203 872 4502.


The team at Bluebox is often referred to as our most valuable asset and as such, we do what we can to promote training for all staff irrespective of their level of experience within the Bluebox team.

All team training is managed by the Bluebox with selective elements of training delivered by the Bluebox team itself, and other elements delivered by third party providers. We provide weekly training on both hard and soft skills to team members from a well curated curriculum and try to keep the programme as varied, interesting and valuable as possible.

Training across the team is constantly reviewed and many members of the team are currently progressing through their professional qualifications which can open up a world of possibilities. Depending on your chosen path, Bluebox may choose to support you financially through your exams and will help you to prepare fully with both study and exam leave.

To apply for any vacancy at Bluebox Corporate Finance, please visit our careers page.


Bluebox run a variety of external events to educate members of the business community about the ways in which they can prepare themselves for a corporate sale or fund raising in such a way to give themselves the best possible chance of hitting their desired objectives.

Most attendees will already own an established business – or be advising people that do – and most will have started contemplating their routes to an ultimate exit.

Our events are varied, but topics that have been covered historically include:

  • Why do most business sales collapse?
  • How to prepare a business for sale
  • What will an acquirer attribute value ?
  • What to expect from a sale process
  • Due diligence and how to prepare
  • How to select your adviser

Bluebox also runs industry and topic specific events on occasion to directly educate certain communities such as tech, healthcare, B2B, F&B etc.

If you would like to see how full schedule of events or would like further information, please visit the events page on our website.


Our ‘Introduction to Business’ workshop is for 13-16 year olds that have an interest in learning ‘business basics’.  Zero business knowledge is either required or expected. These workshops range from an hour in length to full-day courses and they have been consistently rated by those that attend as highly valuable and easy to understand.

We are often amazed at the business minds of some young people that we have had the pleasure to work with and many are receptive to learning about business even before they begin their path to GCSEs.  School career advisers are openly talking about the ‘changing’ job market and the ‘gig economy’.  The Academy’s Introduction to business workshops may provide an extra sting to their bow.  A typical ‘Workshop’ is likely to include the following:

  • What is a business?
  • Pros and cons: Get a job v staring a business
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss
  • The Importance of cash
  • Who runs a business?
  • Case studies from real-life entrepreneurs

You may be asked to sit a ‘test’ at the end of the day and be awarded with a Bluebox Academy ‘Basics of Business’ Certificate to keep on your academic record.

For further information on our Basics of Business Workshops, please enquire here.


As part of our Bluebox Ambassador Programme, the Bluebox Ambassadors access Bluebox benefit from training across a wide variety of subjects (whilst building their networks through our events and earning commission from referrals).

Bluebox hosts ‘Knowledge Share’ events for Ambassadors which are based around a range of intermediate and advanced topics relating to the deal process or the corporate finance world more broadly.

Knowledge Share events are constantly evolving, but have included programmes as follows:

  • Key stages in an M&A process
  • Tax and its impact on different deal structures
  • Corporate valuation
  • Preparing for due diligence
  • GDPR & data protection
  • The 10 cardinal sins in selling a business

For more information on our Ambassador’s Programme, please visit the full page.


Bluebox runs a series of paid Masterclasses on a range of business topics across a wide range of disciplines.  These Masterclasses are advertised on a month by month basis and are open to any member of the community that wishes to attend.

Masterclasses typically last 90 minutes and are often followed by networking events for those that attend.  There is a cost to attend a Masterclass which will be notified in the literature promotion of the Masterclass at any point in time.

Masterclasses are programmed by the Academy Director, but have included the following topics in the last 12 months:

  • How do I value my business?
  • Legal complexities in M&A simplified
  • How to sell your business and make it happen
  • Tax and its impact on different deal structures
  • The 10 cardinal sins in selling a business
  • How to find my ideal partner: DIY


Bluebox offers a selection of Internships to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, many of whom have little experience in business or in the workplace.

The Internship programme was taken over by the Academy this year as we have the provision of education and learning at the heart of it. The length of our Internships do vary but over the course of the programme we expect you to learn fast and gain experience supporting our team in a real life work environment.

In addition to your day to day work schedule, the Bluebox Academy supports interns with a range of education that is relevant to both the work they are undertaking as part of our team as well as education that we believe will provide our interns with valuable skills when the time comes to move on.

Not long ago, a number of the full time Bluebox Analysts were in your shoes and simply weighing up their options. The Internships run by the Bluebox Academy provide an ideal environment to experience the workplace, start building your skills and start building your career.

To apply for an internship, please complete this form.

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