Client service: First and foremost

Clients sit at the heart of the Bluebox business. Irrespective of their size and the fees that they represent, our client service should be excellent and unwavering. It is our clients’ commitment to us that allows us to grow and the level of service that we offer them in return must reflect this.

As individuals and as a team, we should do all that we can do to ensure that none of our clients is ever left wanting. We need be responsive at all times and recognise the importance of prompt response.


Work Smart, Look Smart, Advise Smart

Smart means many things, but our first value applies in three different contexts.

Working smart, or, in other words ‘efficiently’, is critical to both our personal and business performance. We aim not to become busy fools, instead focusing  on the things that matter.

Looking smart does what it says on the tin. We operate in a people business.  We understand that first impressions count and being ‘turned out’ properly for both our clients and our colleagues sets the right standard.

Advising smart is, of course, at the heart of our business. We offer the highest possible level of professional advice that sets us apart in the market from others that may, and often do, speak before they think.


Honest & Reliable

Honesty is a prerequisite for our business. We need to be straight with both clients and colleagues at all times and not be afraid of saying certain things, within reason, that they may not wish to hear.  Using emotional intelligence as to how to share difficult thoughts is key.

Reliability is a given.  We are reliable for both internal and external facing situations and ensure that we do everything not to let our clients or colleagues down in this regard.


Personable, Team player & Fun

We operate in a service industry and we need be personable.  We are easy to engage with as people, ensuring that no one is left feeling left out. Social skills are a must.

Team play is a key ingredient to our success.  We all have different yet complimentary skills and harnessing the potential of our team is far more valuable than using the skills of any one player.  We make use of team resource and skills and have fun doing it.

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