The Bluebox team is the most important part of our business. With combined M&A experience extending back many decades, our team is based in London and comprises professionals largely drawn from the accounting profession. All of the team's Directors and Associate Directors are Chartered Accountants with the Manager, Senior Analysts and Analysts all studying for (or qualified through) the CFA pathway.

Being "Personable, Team Players and Fun" are core values for the Bluebox team and every member of the team that you meet will strive to develop the best possible professional relationship with you.

All clients are given a commitment as to which members of the team that will be working with them through the period of their assignment with a typical team makeup comprising three carefully selected professionals.

Supplementing our London team are our International colleagues based across the globe. We have immediate outreach to over 350 professionals via Transact Worldwide, our International Network, and given the International nature of the majority of our deals, find ourselves regularly working alongside them on transactions. These colleagues herald from China, India, North America and Europe spanning five continents and more than 45 different countries.

Paul Herman, Chief Executive Officer

Tracy Kingsnorth, Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Windsor, Associate Director

Jonathan Rich, Managing Director

Misha Brooks, Associate Director

Jennifer Rodriguez Manon, Senior Analyst

Cormac Molloy, Manager

Rupert Fellows, Analyst

Elliot House, Senior Analyst

Tim Spink, Head of Strategic Partnerships

Alex Walker, Analyst

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