Bluebox advises on the sale of Landmark Systems

Bluebox Corporate Finance is delighted to announce the sale of Landmark Systems, a UK provider of software solutions for businesses in the agricultural and property management sectors, to Isagri SAS, the French-based European leader in agriculture software.

The shareholders had worked with Bluebox for the two years in advance of their sale and are convinced that there was a very significant value added by the highly structured ‘Blue Diamond’ pre-sale planning programme.

Pricing and other transaction details were not disclosed, but the consideration represented a significant multiple of Landmark’s recurring income base.

Landmark Systems represent one of over 35 graduates from the Blue Diamond programme to date.

Landmark Systems, founded by Nigel Parsons, is one of the UK’s leading providers of accounting and property management software. The company is based in Pulborough, West Sussex and offers simple, easy to use software facilitating efficient business management through their market-leading software products.

The purchaser, Isagri, specialises in farming and rural business management software for agricultural businesses worldwide. They provide decision-making solutions and innovative tools dedicated to the agricultural world, with more than 115,000 users and operate across 12 countries.

Nigel Parsons, who will continue as Managing Director of Landmark Systems, commented:

“When running and growing a business it is very easy to focus on the ‘now’ issues rather than tomorrow’s opportunities. The pre-sale planning programme that we signed up for with Bluebox made us develop our strategies and focus on the bigger picture. It proved to be a very rewarding investment from all viewpoints and significantly enhanced both the value of our business and its ‘saleability’. I would highly recommend Bluebox to business owners contemplating an exit in the next two years.”

Jonathan Rich, Director at Bluebox, commented:

“We are delighted with the successful sale of Landmark Systems to Isagri. This acquisition has emphasised the importance of positioning a business pre-sale and has highlighted the added value that the Blue Diamond programme creates for our clients. We are very pleased for Nigel and the team and look forward to seeing the ongoing success of the combined operations in years to come. This represents the eleventh successful exit for Bluebox in the last twelve months and it is all the more rewarding that it is one of the graduates from our pre-sale planning programme.”

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