‘Where are they now?’ – Nigel Parsons

April 27, 2022

As part of our 10 year anniversary series ‘Where are they now?, we decided to interview ex-client Nigel Parsons, Founder of Landmark Systems. We chat to Nigel about why he decided to work with Bluebox, how selling the business changed his life, and what he is up to now.


Can you give us a brief description about the business and your involvement before selling?

IT Business providing accounting and property management software to a niche sector of rural businesses including farms, estates and rural professionals.


What were the highs and lows of the sale process for you?

Highs were finding Bluebox and their ‘fit for sale’ process. Low was losing the first sale ( buyer misunderstood what they were buying) and having no other warm lead on the table at the time.


Why did you choose Bluebox to assist with the process and how did we help?

We needed the advisory team to progress us towards a sale. We had three strong minded directors (including me as the dictator!) who were focused too much on the business internally. With the advisory process from Bluebox, we were able to concentrate on the parts of the business that would yield value and present those in the best possible light.


What has happened to the business since selling?

The new owners have integrated it into their French-based collection of businesses, which are all family-owned. However, we have retained the majority of staff, grown the business and benefitted from additional investment.


What advice do you have for business owners contemplating a sale exercise?

Don’t leave it too late. Someone once told me that you need to sell a business whilst you are still enjoying it, not once you have fallen out of love/got tired of it!


How has your life changed since selling the business?

I’m still involved in the business (strangely 6 years on), though only on a part-time basis. Luckily, I like the current family owners and they appear to like me also! Selling the business enabled me to pursue other interests both business and personal and took away the pressure of knowing how and when to capitalize on gaining a reward from an asset which I worked very hard to create.


What are you doing now?

As the above and farming, I run a property company, work for some charities, in the process of developing office/commercial space for small, start up business and spending less time with my wife than she would like!

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