Staff Interview: Rupert Fellows – M&A Analyst

October 18, 2023

Meet Rupert Fellows, M&A Analyst here at Bluebox. We sat down with Rupert for a second time to get to know him a bit better on both a professional and personal level, and to reflect on his first year at Bluebox. We learn a bit more about his role since he started working here, his favourite part about working in M&A, predictions for business in 2024 and much more!


What is your current role at Bluebox, and how have your responsibilities changed over the year that you’ve been here?

I’ve been an M&A Analyst on the team for around a year now and my responsibilities have definitely expanded in that time. I am now much more involved with in the full M&A process which covers a broad range of tasks for all stages of the deal cycle.


How have you seen Bluebox develop/change since the start of your role?

It’s been apparent since joining that Bluebox has and is constantly evolving; we’re a small team so ideas/changes to our processes are often discussed and implemented in a short time frame to ensure we are being as efficient as possible and achieving an optimal outcome for our clients.


If you could give your one year ago self some advice, what would it be?

A year ago I had only just started so I think the important thing at that stage would just be to absorb everything, it’s a steep learning curve so it can take a while fully develop into the role. Avoiding any derogatory chat about Arsenal would also be key to survival!


What is your favourite thing about working in M&A?

I really enjoy working with clients who have put a lot of time and energy into creating a successful business achieve a good exit and reap the fruits of their labour.


What do you think is going to be the most prevalent factor to affect businesses in 2024?

Contractionary monetary policy. We’ve seen quite a tightening in monetary policy this year, increasing interest rates and falling growth is squeezing the margins of just about every UK business owner, so I think the next 12 months policy will be the deciding factor in how businesses perform across all sectors next year.


Where do you see yourself in another year’s time?

I would like to think I could become a senior analyst in a years’ time, I’ve learnt so much in the last 12 months so that seems like a good target to aim for over the next year or so.


What’s your favourite part about working at Bluebox?

We have a great team which I enjoy working as a part of, I think the office culture we have is definitely what sets us apart in this line of work.


Quick Fire

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? Nims Dai (from 14 peaks), he is a great testament to what can be accomplished with the right mindset.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do with the money? I would probably buy a huge chalet in the alps so I could go skiing every year with a bunch of mates.

What is your favourite hobby outside of work? I spend the bulk of my free time either running or weightlifting which I really enjoy but I would really like to get back into swimming this winter.

If you were to move to another country, which country would it be? I would love to live in Australia, I’ve put some thought into how I might actually be able to move out there in my later twenties but currently it’s just a pipe dream.

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