Staff Interview: Jennifer Rodriquez-Manon- Senior Analyst

April 3, 2024

Meet Jennifer Rodriguez-Manon, Senior Analyst here at Bluebox. We sat down with Jennifer for a second time to get to know her a bit better on both a professional and personal level, and to reflect on her first year at Bluebox, and recent promotion within the team. We learn a bit more about her role since she started working here, her favourite part about working in M&A, the recent deals she has worked on and much more!


What is your current role at Bluebox?

I am a Senior Analyst on the deal team and have been working at Bluebox for a year and four months. Bluebox’s primary focus is sell-side M&A, and the main aspect of my role is to support the team with this deal process.


How have you seen Bluebox develop/change since the start of your role?

Last year, Bluebox transitioned to be employee owned. This decision shows the company is all about boosting its team, sharing the wins, and growing in the future.


If you could give your one year ago self some advice, what would it be?

Not to be afraid to ask for help.


What is your favourite thing about working in M&A?

Each client that we work with is unique, making it an exciting sector of Finance to work in.


You have worked on a few recent deals, what has been the biggest takeaway from these?

My main takeaway is the importance of pre-sale planning as this has a pivotal role in maximising value for shareholders.


Where do you see yourself in another year’s time?

Continuing my path as a Senior Analyst and gaining more in-depth experience in each aspect of the deal process.  


What’s your favourite part about working at Bluebox?

Our team and vibrant company culture.


Quick Fire

What is on your bucket list? Learning to scuba dive.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do with the money? I would invest the overwhelming majority however, with the remaining amount, I would head down to Southampton and buy a sailboat!

What is your favourite hobby outside of work? As hinted by my answer above, my favourite hobby outside of work is sailing.

If you were to move to another country, which country would it be? The Dominican Republic, my family is based there and I do miss the beaches.

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