M&A Worldwide Industry Report – Agri & Food & Beverages

November 21, 2016


Agriculture- & food related industries are booming. Business activities and economic development in the Agri & Food markets contribute significantly to our country’s economies, GDP and employment. For many years, M&A Worldwide has been a dynamic player in the Agri & Food market. We have advised numerous clients during M&A transactions We are constantly keeping up with trends in the sector and advise entrepreneurs on M&A, strategic and business valuation issues. We believe that by sharing our knowledge we can guide entrepreneurs to gain quality insights into the market and make better decisions to increase company value. This industry report summarizes and further builds on our knowledge and expertise of the Agri & Food sector, recent M&A deals and the appetite of investors in the sector.

M&A in the Food Industry

Food companies, faced with new and challenging market forces, are changing their strategic approach to growth. According to a published article from PWC (2015) the retail landscape is changing rapidly and small companies with niche products are able to intensify competition with the large, diversified food companies. Consequently they see many industries, including the food industry, reorganizing their business models around specific capabilities. Kraft, one of the larger players in the food market and a strong ‘’acquirer’’ in the market, have decided to split into two separate focus areas based on this capabilities argument. This also has an effect on how companies view their M&A strategy. Food manufacturers pursue mergers and acquisitions for a variety of reasons, which will be addressed in the next paragraphs in more detail.


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