Entrepreneur Interview: Theo Wieder

January 23, 2023

As we recently advised on the sale of Bovingdons Catering, one of the UK’s leading catering and venue management operators, we thought we’d catch up with Executive Director, Theo Wieder. Theo is also the co-founder of Thwack Partners, a business that buys and actively manages UK companies with an operating profit of £1.5m – £5m.


What was your background prior to setting up Thwack Partners?

I was initially at a private equity house prior to being a Senior Executive at EY


Where did your inspiration come from to set up your own business?

It was clear to me the path to value was becoming an owner and the associated freedom to live and die by your own decisions really appealed.


You founded the company back in 2016, what has been the hardest barrier to overcome since setting up the business?

Covid was not fun but in general we have had a very smooth ride. I have the right partner and the right team so we have certainly have nothing to complain about.


To date, your portfolio includes businesses that operate within a range of different industries. Is there any sector that you have a specific interest in at the moment and if so, what is it and why that sector?

We are completely sector agnostic. That is in fact the thing I love. I am a perspicacious character and get a real thrill from learning about new environments and sharing insights from a different perspective


We recently advised on the sale of Bovingdons, a catering business that you acquired back in 2017, to Oak View Group. How did you find the M&A process?

On the whole it was very smooth. These things can naturally get emotional and anxious but it largely stuck to the process as outlined at the start and didn’t cause many sleepless nights.


What advice would you give to business owners considering the sale of their business?

We had prepared for a few years prior to the sale which helped a lot. Also I would certainly go with an advisor who you like personally. Selling a company is about individuals clicking and this is more important that the badge of the firm selling for you.


What two personality traits do you believe make a good leader?

Patience and communication. Ultimately a leader can only point in a direction but they have to be able to communicate and inspire the troops to reach the end line.


What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs looking to start up their own business

Measure twice and cut once. However, once you’ve measured and you are comfortable that this is the best decision you can make with the facts at hand then don’t be afraid to pull the trigger


Quick Fire

  1. What’s top of your bucket list? Ice skating on a frozen lake
  1. If you could start another business, what type of business would it be? Something to reduce plastic consumption
  1. If you could have dinner with one person, past or present, who would it be? Derren Brown would be fun.
  1. Go to holiday destination? Japan please. If you can put me in a nice hotel I don’t mind compromising on the flights.
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