Bluebox Team Go Trick or Treating for Charity

November 6, 2019


Last Thursday, 31st October, four of our Bluebox Team members slipped into some fancy dress attire in the spirit of Halloween and decided to go trick or treating, with a twist, to raise money for our corporate charity, Rays Of Sunshine.


Tracy, Lauren, Jack and Seb powdered their faces (much to Jack and Seb’s dismay) and drew on some bloody scars before setting off on their mission to scare some tenants in our building. Tracy, a washed-up pirate, Lauren, zombie She-Ra, Jack, a creepy clown and Seb, the ghost of one of London’s notorious thugs, went around the building offering spooky treats in exchange for a donation to the charity.


Looming through the passageways, stopping at each door, making our presence known with a slightly threatening knock from Seb’s bat and calling out the classic “trick or treat”. Either people really like eating chocolate eyeballs and fingers, or they were being generously receptive of our cause as we managed to raise about £500 for Rays of Sunshine!


Rays of Sunshine is a charity that grants the wishes of children with life-limiting illnesses. They believe that every child deserves to experience something they could only dream of in order to bring them hope and happiness. We know that the money raised will go towards making a child’s dream come true and that is a reward in and of itself to us. It’s not too late to donate, so if you can, please do visit the link below.


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