Bluebox Supports Rays of Sunshine’s Virtual Art Gallery

April 13, 2021

Bluebox Supports Rays of Sunshine


Bluebox Corporate Finance has recently sponsored a piece of Artwork by Freddy entitled ‘Smiley Sun’ in an effort to support our corporate charity, Rays of Sunshine.


Rays of Sunshine has launched a virtual children’s art gallery, that displays bespoke artworks that capture the emotions and realities of living with a serious illness, as well as the challenge of being in hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. The gallery does a great job of immersing you into its virtual walls and displaying the wonderful bond between Rays of Sunshine and the children they aim to uplift with their support.


Each piece of art was created during lockdown through a series of group art sessions. The theme is ‘sunshine, happiness and laughter’ and you can see how each child has depicted this. The artwork we have sponsored was created by Freddy, an eight-year-old boy who loves everything Disney.


Rays of Sunshine is a charity that grants wishes to children with life-limiting illnesses. They believe that every child deserves to experience something they could only dream of in order to bring them hope and happiness. The money raised through this gallery will go towards making more children’s dreams come true. It is not too late to sponsor an artwork, so if you can, please do visit this link to see how.


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