Bluebox attends the Spring M&A Convention in Lisbon

April 10, 2019

Bluebox was delighted to attend the M&A Worldwide Convention in Lisbon last week, during which our international partners confirmed foreign interest in UK businesses has never been higher. Time was spent discussing ongoing deals with our 43 partners, as well as potential opportunities with scores of acquisitive international businesses

In 2018, there were 645 acquisitions of UK businesses by foreign buyers. According to our international partners, interest extends to businesses of all shapes and sizes, evidence of which we have seen on deals we are currently working on, across a range of sizes.

Bluebox Director, Jonathan Rich, commented: “We were delighted to have attended the M&A Worldwide Convention in Lisbon last week and it was encouraging to hear directly from so many of our international partners about their strong interest in finding UK businesses for their clients. Our international network has grown considerably over the past five years and it is an incredibly important part of our armoury that allows us to deliver such a high percentage of completions with those who herald from overseas. It is something we are developing a knack with and something on which we set ourselves apart from the competition.

“There is an undivided focus on continuing to grow the network and increase cross-border collaboration between partners. The investment that we are making into M&A Worldwide is reaping rewards for our clients, and therefore us, and it is often cited as a key reason for the success of our deals.”

The Lisbon convention was attended by over 100 deal makers from across the globe including professionals from the United States, China, India, Continental Europe and the Middle East. It stimulated discussion around ongoing transactions, as well as the latest trends in research, deal management software and deal process management.

Established in 2004, M&A Worldwide has grown to become one of the world’s leading mid-market international networks with ‘boots on ground’ representation in over 40 countries. Members actively work together on cross-border client assignments and conclude hundreds of deals every year including some 419 in 2018 with an aggregate deal value of $4.6 billion.

Bluebox is very much looking forward to attending the next event in Canada in Autumn 2019.

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