Senior Analyst Interview: Conor MacKenzie

August 30, 2022

Meet our newest recruit Conor MacKenzie, Senior Analyst here at Bluebox. We sat down with Conor to get to know him a bit better on a personal level, learn more about his background prior to joining us, what he is enjoying most about his new role and much more!


What was your background prior to joining Bluebox?  

Prior to joining Bluebox, I worked at Haysmacintyre for 4 years where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant. I worked within Audit & Assurance department with clients across a broad range of sectors. 


What is a fact that most people don’t know about you? 

I am a keen fisherman in my spare time. 


What were your motivations behind choosing the Senior Analyst position at Bluebox?  

I wanted to work in corporate finance to work alongside businesses during the most critical stage of their life cycle. I chose Bluebox because there was a chance to work with a wide range of sectors and have access to a lot of responsibility.  


What are you enjoying most about your new role? 

The People! There is a great group of colleagues at Bluebox and a strong collaborative culture. 


What is your biggest personal and/or professional achievement to date? 

Acquiring my ACA qualification.


If you started your own business, what kind of a business would it be?  

I would set up my own hotel. I am a keen traveler and like to host! 


Rapid Fire 

  1. Any hidden talents? – Magic Tricks 
  2. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be? – Michael Jordan 
  3. If you could live in any other country, which country would it be and why? – Canada due to the nice culture 
  4. What is your favourite Netflix show? Ozark 
  5. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Salmon & Vegetables 


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